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The most beautiful beaches and bays of Lanzarote

Badebucht bei den Papagayo Stränden

Beaches on Lanzarote

Many different bays, black and white beaches provide excellent conditions for swimming, relaxing and dreaming to the sound of the rolling waves.

Lanzarotes northeastern beaches as Playa Famara or Playa Janubio, situated in the west, are first choice for body boarding and for the experienced surfer.

Beaches at the southeast offer manifold possibilities of any kind of watersport activities as water skiing, diving, pedal boats, snorkling , jetbikes and parascending, big game fishing, to mention a few...

All the year round sailing conditions are ideal even for the ambitioned Yachtsmen.

Arrieta - La Garita

A small natural beach with cristal clear waters, very popular with the locals and therefore normally packed on the weekends. The beach is well kept and equipped with showers, bathrooms and a children´s playground. Nice surfspot and save for beginners !

>>> Photopage, Beach of Arrieta

Arrecife - El Reducto

The house beach of Lanzarotes capital. Extraordinary well kept and clean, it offers very fine golden sand and calm, shallow waters. Therefore it´s ideal for families with children, snorkling and swimming. The beach was awarded the EU´s Blue Ribbon for beach quality, all sanitary facilities are provided.

>>> Photopage, Beach of Arrecife

Charco del Palo

Located eastern of the village of Mala, the nudist beach of Charco del Palo is set in a very interesting landscape, where sheer dropping black cliffs alternate with white dunes.



Costa Teguise - Playa Bastian

A beach, streching about 200 meters, interrupted by several cliffs.

Costa Teguise - Playa Jabillio

Sheltered by two jetties, that tiny, golden beach is ideal for families. Pedal boats and sunbeds are for hire.

Costa Teguise - Playa del Ancla

This beach is situated a little outlying in a windsheltered bay below the Hotel Oasis and offers a safe and flat access to the water, but no facilities.

Costa Teguise - Las Cucharas

Beeing the biggest beach at the Costa Teguise, the Playa Las Cucharas offers very fine and white sand. Due to it´s excellent conditions, here is the main spot for windsurfing and half of the beach is reserved to that sport. It´s possible to hire equipment for surfing, diving and snorkling as well as pedal boats, sunbeds and parasols. A good selection of kiosks and caffees are close at hand, along with all sanitary facilities.

Costa Teguise - Playa de los Charcos

This beach is next to Playa Cucharas, a round and sandy bay, where sunbeds and parasols are for hire. Some surfing going on as well, mostly beginners trying their first steps in the shallow waters here and entertainment is guaranteed...

Famara Beaches

Famara - Famara Beaches

A beach like paintbrushed, but tricky and not riskless ! Trademarks of Famara Beach are the constantly blowing strong winds, mostly from nortwest and rather cold in winter and it´s formidable surf. It´s Lanzarote El Dorado for the skilled and experienced boarders using sails , kites or riding the breakers ! After high tide, the retrieving water leaves very big, but shallow puddles, that are ideal for children to play in.

Swimming in the open waters of the Famara Bay requires utmost caution ! Especially when the water is ebbing away, a strong undercurrents makes swimming very dangerous, so never swim out farther as you can touch ground and be aware of the waves.

La Caleta de Famara

Southward of Famara Beach, The village of " La Caleta " offers another long stretched beach, that is used for surfing as well. Semicircle stonewalls give shelter from the sometimes harsh winds. Swimming is dangerous here as well.

El Golfo - El Golfo

An astonishing beach of black lava pebble in unreal surroundings. Very nice for suntanning, but not recommended for swimming, like most beaches on the west side, the strong currents might be tricky. While taking a stroll it´s very likely to find some of the typical Lanzarote semi precious green Olivin - stones, that are used for nice creations of jewelry on the island. Sunset at El Golfo is a true spectacle of colours, a real experience of Lanzarote´s feeling and afterwoods one should enjoy a fabolous dinner at one of the small but excellent restaurants that offer varieties of Tapas and fresh fish.

>>> Photopage Beach of El Golfo

La Graciosa

The neighbouring island " La Graciosa " offers a selection of very romantic and mostly lonely white sand beaches, for example the beach " La Laja ", situated near the only village " Caleta de Sebo ", the 400 meter long " Playa de las Conchas " opposite the small island " Montana Clara " and the biggest and nicest beach of La Graciosa, the " Playa El Saldo " , a stretch of fine, white sand of about one mile in lenght and only accessable after a long walk throught the uninhabitated landscapes of this treasure island. Never forget to take enough water with you...

Haria – El Risco

Located northward of the Famara Beaches, the ambitioned hiker will be awarded discovering a dreamlike, white sandy beach of about 700 meters of lenght. Because it´s only accessable by taking a troublesome but interesting walk down the cliff of Famara, the beach is one the loneliest of Lanzarote. It offers a breathtaking view over the island of La Graciosa and the " Risco de Famara ", the massive cliff.

>>> Photopage El Risco Beach


Janubio – Janubio Strand

A beautiful and wild - romantic natural black beach near the famous Salinas de Janubio. Mostly windy and with a big surf, that beach is rather recommended to take an extensive stroll during sunset than having a swim. The location is not very touristic and very popular with surfers. Dogs are allowed here and enjoy having a swim as well.

LA SANTA (Tinajo)

Iin the township of Tinajo, at the rather windy western coast of Lanzarote, windsurfers find mostly ideal conditions for their sports at the natural beaches of " Playa Tenaza " ( 90 m.) and " Caleta Caballo " ( 60 m.). Because of the high contend of pebble and strong currents, both beaches are not suitable for children and caution is required while swimming!

Orzola – Playas de Orzola

The probably most extraordinary ones are the white beaches of Orzola, called " Caletones ".
Flour white and very fine sand is nestled at the black, volcanic stones, creating stunning contrasts. The most souther of the Caletones is the " Caleta de Mojon Blanco ", followed by the " Caleton Blanco " and the " Charca de la Laja ", a huge, very shallow and snow white puddle at low tide and therefore very popular with the resident families at the weekend. North of Orzola and only accessable with a dirt track, the " Playa de la Canteria " invites to surf and tan. Swimmers should be arware of the currents.

>>>Photopage Beaches near Orzola

Orzola - Punta de Mujeres

>>> Photopage of beaches between Orzola and Punta Mujeres

Playa Blanca – Papagayo Beaches

Papagayo Beaches

Only an unfortified and rather bumpy dirt road leads to the famous beaches of Papagayo at the southern end of Lanzarote, a parking fee of 3 Euro per car is obligatory. Cristal clear and normally very calm waters are ideal for children and a real fun to snorkle. Many locals spend theire summer holidays at the adjacent camping. Daring folks are able to access a handful of intimate bays, climbing over the rocks during low tide and enjoy the sun as God created them. The biggest beach at the Papagayos, the 400 metres long " Playa de Mujeres", is relatively packed during the weekends. It´s followed by the " Playa de las Coloradas ", " Playa de las Ahogaderas " and the " Playa de la Cera ". Behind the southern cape of " Punta de Papagayo " the beaches " Caleta del Congrio " and " Muela de Abajo " end the row of fantastic spots.

Playa Blanca - Playa de Las Coloradas

A calm and sandy beach mixed with pebble, stretching out about 400 metres. No public facilities here.

Playa Blanca – Playa Dorada

One of the most beautiful beaches at the promenade of Playa Blanca. About 300 metres long and laid out partially artificial. Sunbeds, parasols, jetbikes and pedalos are for hire. The entry to the water is very shallow and two breakwaters protect the swimmers from the sometimes rough seas. Absolutely ideal for children !

>>>Photopage Beach Playa Dorada

Playa Blanca – Playa Flamingo

Western of Playa Blanca, the 200 metre beach " Playa Flamingo " offers excellent conditions for snorkling and diving. A local shop offers equipment for rent and the beach is sheltered by breakwaters and surrounded by palms. Very good with children.

>>> Photopage Beach Playa Flamingo

Playa Blanca - village beach

Immediately in front of the restaurants along the promenade, this small and white beach is located in the heart of Playa Blanca. The constant stream of tourists pulsing up and down the promenade, in and out the restaurants, leave the well kept beach rather suitable for a quick cool down than a relaxed swim and tan. The place offers a nice view to the harbour, where the ferries to Fuerteventura and the excursion boats can be watched going in and out. Be aware when the impressive fast-ferry of Fred. Olsen approximates.
Especially at high tide, the waves produced by the catamaran can flood the whole beach, so keep an eye on your possessions and smaller children!

>>> Photopage Village Beach Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca - La Mulata

Between Playa Blanca and the " Faro ( Lighthouse ) La Pechiguera " the white sand and pebble beach " La Mulata " is located. Nearby the beaches " La Campana " and " Montana Roja ", consisting of fine, golden sand.

Playa Honda - Playa de Guacimeta

This beach stretches out besides the runway of the airport and " plane spotting " is great fun here ! Besides, the beach offers fine and white sand and a lot of stone castles build to protect from the sometimes harsh wind. Nudism is normal here ! The water is normally calm and currents absent, so it is suiteable for children as well, if they are not totally charmed by the chance to have a direct look at the traffic on the airport.

>>> Photopage Beach Playa de Guacimeta

Playa Quemada – Playa Quemada

Here, in front of a tiny and sleepy fishing village, we find a small beach with loads of coarse pebble, visited regulary by local residents and friends of the excellent, but unvainly styled restaurants. A little more to the south a big black beach can be reached either climbing over some mountains or at very low tide ( dangerous ! ). This place is popular with campers during the summer.


Puerto del Carmen – Playa Grande oder Playa Blanca

Playa Grande, the most beautiful and best known beach in Puerto del Carmen, spreads eastward from the Hotel Fariones and ends in a handful small and attractive bays, ideal for swimming and tanning. Because of it´s geografical position the beach is rather sheltered from the wind, the sea normally calm as a pond and very shallow for more than 20 metres. Public facilities are well equipped with showers, bathrooms and changing rooms, loads of bars and restaurants catering all demands are just a hop over the street away. The beach disposes of a first aid facility and is supervised by lifeguards. Windsurfing is not allowed, but pedaloes and diving equipment are for hire as well as sunbeds and parasols.

>>>Photopage Beach Playa Grande

Puerto del Carmen – Playa de Los Pocillos

The second big beach at the northern part of Puerto del Carmen, " Playa de Los Pocillos ", extends from the Hotel San Antonio to the Hotel Jameos Playa. Given the fact, that the force of the wind tends to be a little stronger here, Los Pocillos offers mainly the same features as Playa Grande, it is even considerably bigger. The promenade was completely restructured in the recent years and now offers a wide selection of activities for the children as trampolin - bungee and bouncing castles, while adults have a drink and watch them from one of the many beach bars. Certainly there are sunbeds, parasols and pedal boats for rent.

>>> Photopage Beach Playa de Los Pocillos

Puerto del Carmen – Playa de Matagorda

At the northern end of Puerto del Carmen, the third and smalles beach of the resort, the " Playa Matagorda " marks the beginning of one of the longest sea promenades of the world, the " Paseo Maritimo ", connecting Puerto del Carmen with Arrecife. The beach is rather exposed to the wind and therefore popular for windsurfing. A surfing school rents equipment and is happy to teach the first steps into surfing to the newbies.

>>> Photopage Beach Playa de Matagorda

Puerto del Carmen – Playa de La Barilla

Situated near the " Old Town ", south of the Hotel Fariones, the tiny " Playa la Barilla " is the main diving location in Puerto del Carmen. Nearly all excursions start from the pier with the nice restaurant on it. Many diving schools use the small bay, created by natural volcanic rock and very sheltered from the waves for the first dive training. The bay is a favorite location for snorkling and very suitable for children. Bathrooms are provided, as well as sunbeds and parasols can be rented. At the pier jetbikes are for rent and you can race with a powerboat, go parascending or experience a banana boat ride.

>>> Photopage Beach Playa La Barilla

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